Intelligent pricing

DSLab is launching Intelligent pricing solution in 2020.
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Brick-and-mortar stores can now embrace the opportunities of smart pricing to offer customers the right price optimized for both internal and external parameters, such as time of day or weather. Maximize sales, increase margins, and boost store traffic with DSLab's intelligent pricing.

Optimize pricing to maximize margins
and keep your customers happy

  • price optimization
    Price optimization
    Meet tactical and strategic goals by optimizing price with flexible pricing rules and rule prioritization.
  • integration with promotion forecasting
    Promo integration
    Our solution takes into account ongoing sales promotions, including those for complement and substitute goods, and suggests products to promote next.
  • dynamic pricing with machine learning
    Dynamic pricing
    Optimize prices for both internal and external parameters such as time of day, day of the week, weather, active sales promotions, on-shelf availability, and cross elasticity.
  • automation of pricing and repricing processes
    Our solution allows you to eliminate highly intensive routine tasks, avoid human errors, and fully automate pricing and repricing processes.
  • integration with demand forecasting
    Forecast integration
    Our Intelligent pricing solution integrates with the demand forecasting system to further improve the prediction accuracy.
  • business metrics
    Business metrics
    Get tangible results measured by increase in revenue, margins, or the number of sales receipts.

Potential business effect

Get measurable business value
with DSLab's intelligent pricing
increase in margins while keeping turnover levels
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