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Get highly accurate demand forecasts, optimize sales promotions, prices and safety stock, and improve operational efficiency with DSLab's forecasting solutions for grocery retail.
Demand forecasting
Demand forecasting is a barebone of every retailer's business. Order too much, and you accumulate overstock; order too little, and you lose sales and customers. Machine learning, however, gives a fresh perspective on how to strike a balance and predict demand as accurately as possible. Get an automated, highly accurate forecast for every SKU on a store level with DSLab's demand forecasting.
Fresh food forecasting
With fresh food, retailers have always faced a trade-off: order too little, and you lose sales; order too much, and you get excess stock and food wastage. Our machine learning technology allows grocers to predict demand for items with a shelf life of 1-7 days more accurately, increase on-shelf availability and reduce write-offs. Keep your perishables fresh with DSLab's demand forecasting for fresh food.
Promotion forecasting
With an average of 60% of goods being on offer constantly, demand forecasting for discounted products is more important than ever. Improve on-shelf availability without keeping excess stock with DSLab's machine learning technology. Get a granular forecast for each item on a sales promotion, on a store level, for 16 weeks ahead.
Safety stock optimization
The fear of being left with an empty shelf drives an understandable motive to order a "little extra" inventory. DSLab's machine learning safety stock forecasting eliminates the emotional factor of inventory management, reduces the level of manual fine-tuning, and optimizes safety stock for seasonality, upcoming holidays, and sales promotions.
Intelligent pricing
Embrace the opportunities of smart pricing to offer customers the right price optimized for both internal and external parameters, such as time of day or weather. Maximize sales, increase margins, and boost store traffic with DSLab's intelligent pricing.
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